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Flatworms in the marine aquarium | Episode 194

The spots on my acanthophellia seemed pretty at first… But upon closer inspection, they turned out to be flatworms.

AccuraSea 1 – New Salt from Two Little Fishies | Fincasters Episode 191

Marine Aquarium expert Julian Sprung and his company, Two Little Fishies is out with a new aquarium salt dubbed, AccuraSea 1. The new salt comes in convenient and beautiful packaging, and according to Sprung, perfectly emulates real sea water.

STAX from Two Little Fishies | Episode 192

Julian Sprung and his company, Two Little Fishies is out with a product called STAX. It’s limestone rock from Florida, that’s been cut to make stacking easy.

Planted tank gone NUTS! | Episode 193

Ever had an aquarium plant go absolutely nuts? As in taking over the whole tank in just a couple of months? In this Fincast John shows you how a plant commonly known as Stargrass took over the top of his 55 gallon planted tank to the point it smothered everything underneath it!

Lemon Damsel Fish | Episode 195

Damsels are often the fish that attract people to their first marine aquarium. Then they see how mean they are and never look at them again. Maybe it’s time to give them one more look, thanks to a breeding program at ORA.