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Holy Scoly All about keeping Scolymia Episode 187

Scolymia corals are considered by many to be the holy grail of corals. They are beautiful, relatively easy to keep, non-egressive and fun to feed.

Gymnogeophagus Gymnogenys a beautiful and peaceful cichlid Episode 188

Gymnogeophagus Gymnogenys is a beautiful and peaceful cichlid that is being raised by Imperial Tropicals in Florida.

Dr. Roy Yanong on acclimation and bag water chemistry during shipping

Roy has some interesting insight concerning pH and oxygen that even long-time fish keepers and store owners may not know! It’s worth a look!

The Tannin Tank 10 months later Episode 181

This aquarium project has been very popular with Fincasters fans. After 10 months how much have the so-called Botanicals broken down. The goal was to create an Amazon biotope with a bottom structure that mimicked the river. Take a look now.

Real Reef Rock Part 3 of the Fincasters 180 build series Fincasters Episode 178

In part 3 of the Fincasters 180 build we look at the use of Real Reef Rock and talk with Gareth Scott who started the company. Real Reef Rock is made from crushed aragonite, shells, and other materials found naturally on the reef. Gareth explains the process as John shows how he completed the aquascape in the 180 using Real Reef. The rock creates an open and inviting base for coral placement, improved water flow and lots of privacy to create security for your fish.