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The 180 Build: Adding Fish and fighting Nitrites, and ich and velvet

John Carlin"s new 180 gallon reef aquarium

This is my first blog post on the 180 build since all of my energy to this point has been producing videos of the build.  As of today the tank is full, the rockscape, courtesy of Real Reef is in place and  generally I am thrilled with the aquarium.  But… View part one View …Read more »

All about Pinokio Shrimp

Pinokio Shrimp. Photos by author

Pinokio Shrimp UPDATE 2/23/16:  Well, it turns out that the nice soft water conditions that favor Red Cherry Shrimp and plants are not so sweet for my beloved Pinokio Shrimp.  While these shrimp are interesting in their looks and behavior, they did not fare well long term in this aquarium as it was set up …Read more »