$5,800 Angelfish from POMA Labs Fincasters Episode 174

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Newly announced POMA LABS — launched at MACNA 2017, is offering direct to you many species of tank raised (aquacultured) angelfish — including the rare and expensive Conspicuous Angel Chaetodontoplus conspicillatus. On display for the first time in New Orleans, company founder and CEO Dr. Matt Wittenrich explains why the company must charge so much for the “holy grail” of aquarium angelfish and describes how consumers can buy the fish directly from POMA. In this Fincast, John interviews Wittenrich and shows high quality video of the fish as well as two of the other options available from the company. The links below offer more information oh keeping the fish in an aquarium and its distribution in the waters off Australia.

Want to buy one?

More about POMA Labs

More about Conspicuous Angelfish

Aquarium habits of this fish

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