Deep Water Anthias! Fincasters Episode 175

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Thanks to a fluke power outage, aquarium keepers with deep pockets can now get an aquacultured version of the rare, deep water blotched Anthias or Borbonious Anthias (Odontanthias borbonius). In this Fincast, you will see pictures of the rare fish and hear the story of how the company Biota had hoped to breed the fish in captivity. Then one day the lights went out and all of a sudden they had eggs and eventually fry! The result is the world’s first aquacultured Borbonious Anthias — a gorgeous fish. Since these are raised in captivity, they come readily to prepared foods and make great community reef fish.

This rare deepwater anthias is now available to aquarium keepers

This rare deepwater anthias is now available to aquarium keepers.

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More About Biota’s Breeding program with this fish:

More about Biota:

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