Dwarf Cichlids in a Tannin Aquarium Fincasters Episode 161

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The Amazon River basin has a certain look — and now aquarium keepers can have it. In this video John unboxes the botanicals he purchased in order to create the look and feel of the river bottom. This will create an aquarium that is not as pristine as we might want.  But the fish like it better, so….

Checkerboard Cichlid

A checkerboard cichlid in Fincaster’s tannin aquarium

He also releases a group of Checkerboard cichlids (Dicrossus filamentous) two pairs of Apistogrammas (Apistogramma erythrura) the tank. At the End of the video, watch as the new fish become acclimated to the biotope. This is part two of a series of Fincasts showing the evolution of this aquarium. In part 1 John demonstrates how to prepare the leaves and pods from the jungle, so they are ready for your aquarium. He also show how he aquascaped this tank in order to make it something fish will enjoy as well as the people watching them!
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