First Look – Seachem Aquasolum substrate for plants & shrimp Fincasters Episode 112

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Seachem aquasolum humate is a brand new product. Arriving in stores in late 2015, Aquasolum is designed to create perfect water conditions for freshwater shrimp and planted aquaria. The substrate makes the water soft and slightly acidic which is just what you plants and shrimp require. In this video John shows you what Aquasolum humane looks and feels like, as he aquascapes a 55 gallon tank.

Here is what Seachem has to say about the product:

aquasolumTM: black humate is the perfect substrate for planted and shrimp aquariums. It is a clean, clay-based substrate that supports pH stability from neutral to slightly acid levels – the preferred levels of most planted or shrimp aquariums. It will not cloud or discolor water and actually, can aid in water clarity in many cases.

aquasolum’sTM non-compacting shape and porous structure allows for plant roots to grow easily and vigorously throughout it. Plants are then able to abstract nutrients much more easily through their enzymatic and chemical processes. aquasolumTM provides an excellent array of macro and micro nutrients for plant growth including iron, nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, and magnesium. While it is a complete support substrate for plants it can be used in combination with other substrates to enhance growth of any planted aquarium.

For hatchling and very young shrimp, aquasolumTM provides secure hiding from predation of larger shrimp and fish.

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