Plumbing the Sump – Part 2 of the 180 build series. Fincasters Episode 177

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In part two of John’s 180 build we plumb the sump. This build incorporates the use of a check valve to prevent back flow in the event of a power outage – which can cause the sump to overflow flood your floor. In addition, gate valves provide the ability to regulate flow of water into the sump. A big difference in this build is the use of silicone tubing, which adds flexibility to the system without losing any reliability. Ben Carlin of Carlin aquarium systems shows how he sets up the system and links to the various pieces in this build can be found below.

In addition to the sump build John, also discusses the addition of fish and corals to this system and why he is doing it, “wrong!”

This video is being produced in November of 2017 and the marine fishery in Hawaii, has just been closed to the aquarium trade! This should be of significant concern to all marine aquarium keepers, and John discusses the threat to the hobby at the end of the video. There is a link to the Fincasters Facebook page below, which has several posts on the topic with more to come!

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From the build
Dura valves from Premium Aquatics
Spears Valves from Bulk Reef Supply
PVC pipe from Lowes 1” for drain pipes, 1” converted to ¾” for returns 1” barb to 3/4” ball valve to 1” barb
Silicone tubing from Bulk Reef Supply
Check Valve info

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