Product Review: Seachem Tidal 75 Power Filter

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Sachem is out with a new power filter or hang on back filter, that redefines the category. Made by Sicce, This new filter offers some convenient ways to use the better filter media on the market while also making it convenient to clean the filter and swap out carbon and other media that has become exhausted.
In this Fincast John unboxes the filter, and gives his thoughts on the new features, and their applicability to the everyday hobbyist. Ten he matches the filter against the tea stained water in his new tannin aquarium…

More about Tidal Filters from Seachem:

More about Matrix bio media

More About Seachem Matrix Carbon:

A couple of other thoughts that didn’t make it into the video.  At 350 gallons per hour the Seachem filter does about the same as the Fluval Canister filter in terms of water flow — so the two are comparable.  Let me be clear that the Fluval — is a great filter and I turned it off for experimental purposes only.  I’ve had some questions about the Tidal vs the Fluval.  I would say they filter at the same level, with some advantages for both technologies.  But I think this is a huge leap forward for HOB’s like the new Seachem, as I would have historically given the nod to the Canister style.

I neglected to mention that the Seachem filter allows you to turn off the surface skimming feature if you want — which one viewer said they thought would be helpful at feeding time.  Agreed!

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