Real Reef Rock Part 3 of the Fincasters 180 build series Fincasters Episode 178

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In part 3 of the Fincasters 180 build we look at the use of Real Reef Rock and talk with Gareth Scott who started the company. Real Reef Rock is made from crushed aragonite, shells, and other materials found naturally on the reef. Gareth explains the process as John shows how he completed the aquascape in the 180 using Real Reef.

Real Reef has multiple benefits compared to quarried or mined “dry rock” or traditional ocean collected live rock. The Real Reef product is soaked in ocean water for 5 months, so it is covered with beneficial bacteria – but no hitchhikers that could later wreak havoc in your aquarium. It is also available in very real looking Tonga branch and shelf configurations. This makes it possible for you to purchase just want you need and to create a look that will allow ample opportunity for coral placement.

It’s worth noting that many of the show tanks at MACNA 2017 were set up using Real Reef, and the video shows many of the gorgeous tanks that were using it. In addition, there is the added value of using a product made in the USA – that does not remove anything from the reef in order to benefit the hobby.

John’s aquascape is more open than he has done in the past – but makes good use of the shelf rock. Watch the video and be sure to comment on whether you like it or not and why!

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From the build
Real Reef’s 20 Reasons to use their product:
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What is Oolite Sand?

Dura valves from Premium Aquatics
Spears Valves from Bulk Reef Supply
PVC pipe from Lowes 1” for drain pipes, 1” converted to ¾” for returns 1” barb to 3/4” ball valve to 1” barb
Silicone tubing from Bulk Reef Supply

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