Releasing Pencilfish into the Tannin Tank!

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This is the recording of the live video John recorded when he released the $20 pencilfish into his tannin tank.  Watch as these beautiful fish find the biotope of their dreams.

The Tannin Aquarium — essentially an Amazon biotope tank, needed some dither fish. I had never kept pencilfish before, so I wanted to give them a try in a tank that was pretty much a perfect home for them, along with Apistogramma, some tetras, and a pair of German Blue Rams. I attempted to show viewers the release of the pencilfish including the dwarf pencilfish and the “Red” Pencilfish. Nannostomus marginatus and nannostomus rubrocaudatus respectively. The fish went in well, but I need to find a better tripod, and maybe re-consider topics for live presentations! Please bear with the poor camerawork and enjoy. Once the fish color up, I’ll be doing some better camera work for an upcoming Fincast.

Here is the promised “better” video!

More on the Coral Red Pencilfish:

More on Dwarf Pencilfish:

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