Snorkeling with Tetras Fincasters Episode 157

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Snorkeling in the Amazon River basin can be both dangerous and rewarding. In this Fincast, come along as Mike Tuccinardi takes us underwater to the natural world that includes popular aquarium fish.

John interviews Mike as he describes the beautiful underwater video he recorded in the Rio Negro river — one of the largest tributaries to the Amazon. Mike reveals how he recorded the video, and discusses the fish that appear on camera. He also talks about swimming unknowingly over and around anacondas and dangerous electric eels.

This is an experience that many aquarium keepers dream about, and it gives us pause to consider the way we keep the tanks in our homes.  This is part 1 of a two part series and the launching pad for a new series of videos based on Mike’s adventures.

Mike’s article in Amazonas:

More on Project Piaba:

Map of Rio Negro areas of Brazil:

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