Snorkeling with Tetras part 2 Fincasters Episode 158

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Is your aquarium too clean? It turns out your fish could be happier. The question is whether that would make YOU happier too.

In part 2 of our interview with world traveler and aquarium adventurer Mike Tuccinardi, we look at his video from a snorkeling trip in the Rio Negro with an eye toward our own aquariums.

In this Fincast, Mike describes how he is using what he saw in the river to re-create habitats that make his fish behave more naturally in an aquarium environment. Beyond that, John and Mike discuss how to bring that river-like look into our own aquariums.  Is is beautiful or is it dirty?  Can you embrace the tint?
Link to Mike’s Piece on his aquariums:
Tannin Aquatics has great videos and info on their website:

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