The $20 Pencilfish in the Tannin Aquarium Fincasters Episode 168

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After more than a week of acclimation, the red pencilfish in the Fincasters Tannin tank are showing their colors. Nearly four months after launching the Tannin experiment, the aquarium is displaying the signs of maturity that create a true Amazon River biotope.

In this video John adds two species of pencilfish including the dwarf pencilfish Nannostomus marginatus and the ruby red pencilfish Nannostomus mortenthaleri. The second one is an expensive variety sometimes called the “$20 Pencilfish” Is it worth the money? In addition to the pencils, John adds some pygmy driftwood catfish, another pair of apistogrammas, a whiptail catfish, and two farlowella cats.
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Current Stocking in this aquarium:
Two Pair Apistogramma Erythura
One pair Apistogramma borellii Opal
Six Red Pencilfish
Six Dwarf Pencilfish
two farlowella catfish
One loricara whiptail catfish
one bloodfin tetra
three bleeding heart tetras
two German Blue Rams



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