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Product Review: Seachem Tidal 75 Power Filter

Sachem is out with a new power filter or hang on back filter, that redefines the category. Made by Sicce, This new filter offers some convenient ways to use the better filter media on the market while also making it convenient to clean the filter and swap out carbon and other media that has become exhausted.

Exclusive! The Monsoon Wrasse Introduced to America

This is the first look at the Monsoon Wrasse, which was recently discovered and described. It comes from the waters in the Timor Sea north of Australia.

Finding Dory in a New Place Fincasters Episode 132

As the celebrated new movie Finding Dory arrives in theaters and he beloved blue tang searches for answers — researchers are very close to raising Hippo Tangs (Dories) in captivity for the first time.

Yellow Tangs -The Breeding Breakthrough Fincasters Episode 122

Captive raised yellow tangs have finally happened.

Fincasters Episode 105 Melev’s Reef

Marc Levenson is one of the most followed reef aquarium hobbyists in America. In this Fincast, John asks Marc about his experiment in using a long plastic tube to introduce a harm of clownfish to a sebea anemone.