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America’s Aquarium A tour with the Designer of the Smithsonian Reef Fincasters Episode 115

The Living Reef at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History is a beauty to behold. From the beautiful, growing selection of corals, to the clownfish hosting in an 80 lb clam, you can’t take your eyes off of it. Join Host John Carlin as he tours the Aquarium with the man who designed it, Jeff Turner of Reef Aquaria Design.

Fincasters Episode 73 Tank Tour with Florida Finest Reef

Jerome Stringfield is one of those fishy people who gets it. In this Fincast Jerome, who calls his operation “floridafinestreef” shows off his tank and shares the names of the products he uses to get those results. Happy viewing.

Fincasters Episode 14 Center in the Square Aquarium Installation

The massive Center in the Square reef aquarium arrived in Roanoke, Va in September 2012. This video shows it’s path from inception, to design, to fabrication, to the actual installation by Reef Aquaria Design of Florida. The Tank celebrated its 2nd anniversary of operation in June of 2015. It is now a thriving environment for fish and corals.

Beautiful Caribbean Reef Aquarium

Fincasters’ sponsor Boyd Enterprises unveiled Chemi-pure Blue at the 2014 Global Pet Expo. Enjoy 5:00 of beautiful reef activity in one of the most amazing Caribbean aquariums you will ever see.

Fincasters Episode 11 Trump Plaza Tank Tour

A tank tour of a 500 gallon reef aquarium that was actually built inside the Penthouse at Trump Plaza in West Palm Beach, Florida. Take a tour of this beautiful aquarium and hear the story of how the pieces were assembled on site.