Cichlid Adventures

Cichlid Adventure videos are specifically about keeping cichlids in aquariums.

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Gymnogeophagus Gymnogenys a beautiful and peaceful cichlid Episode 188

Gymnogeophagus Gymnogenys is a beautiful and peaceful cichlid that is being raised by Imperial Tropicals in Florida.

Freshwater Frogfish Fincasters Episode 165

Freshwater Frogfish really exist. Not a lot is known about these fish – Antennarius biocellatus .Even google searches usually turn up more information on their marine cousins. Yet Fincasters discovered one on display at the Global Pet Expo in March of 2017.

Dwarf Cichlids in a Tannin Aquarium Fincasters Episode 161

The Amazon River basin has a certain look — and now aquarium keepers can have it.

Checkerboard cichlids

The checkerboard is smaller and more peaceful than most tetras, yet this endearing fish will have you captivated in no time.

Snorkeling with Tetras Fincasters Episode 157

Snorkeling in the Amazon River basin can be both dangerous and rewarding. In this Fincast, come along as Mike Tuccinardi takes us underwater to the natural world that includes popular aquarium fish.