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Flatworms in the marine aquarium | Episode 194

The spots on my acanthophellia seemed pretty at first… But upon closer inspection, they turned out to be flatworms.

Holy Scoly All about keeping Scolymia Episode 187

Scolymia corals are considered by many to be the holy grail of corals. They are beautiful, relatively easy to keep, non-egressive and fun to feed.

180 Gallon Reef. Let the build begin! Fincasters Episode 176

John’s long-awaited 180 gallon reef build is underway. This aquarium will feature rock from real reef, as well as auto top-off direct from an ro/di unit, a calcium reactor as well as dosing pumps, phosban reactor and everything else to make this a successful mixed reef. In this video, John launches the project with an …Read more »

Coral Unboxing

When corals are on order you begin to really watch for the FedEx Guy. Coral unboxing in this Fincast.

Keeping Elegance Coral Fincasters Episode 143

The Elegance Coral — Catalaphyllia jardinei — is a favorite, and it should be easy for most reef keepers to enjoy. But for years it suffered from a rare syndrome, called ECS for Elegance Coral Syndrome