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180 Gallon Reef. Let the build begin! Fincasters Episode 176

John’s long-awaited 180 gallon reef build is underway. This aquarium will feature rock from real reef, as well as auto top-off direct from an ro/di unit, a calcium reactor as well as dosing pumps, phosban reactor and everything else to make this a successful mixed reef. In this video, John launches the project with an …Read more »

Coral Unboxing

When corals are on order you begin to really watch for the FedEx Guy. Coral unboxing in this Fincast.

Keeping Elegance Coral Fincasters Episode 143

The Elegance Coral — Catalaphyllia jardinei — is a favorite, and it should be easy for most reef keepers to enjoy. But for years it suffered from a rare syndrome, called ECS for Elegance Coral Syndrome