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Videos in this section are about saltwater fish and corals

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Exclusive! The Monsoon Wrasse Introduced to America

This is the first look at the Monsoon Wrasse, which was recently discovered and described. It comes from the waters in the Timor Sea north of Australia.

Finding Dory in a New Place Fincasters Episode 132

As the celebrated new movie Finding Dory arrives in theaters and he beloved blue tang searches for answers — researchers are very close to raising Hippo Tangs (Dories) in captivity for the first time.

The Candy Stripe Hogfish Fincasters Episode 126

The Candy Stripe Hogfish is a beautiful choice for many marine aquariums.

Yellow Tangs -The Breeding Breakthrough Fincasters Episode 122

Captive raised yellow tangs have finally happened.

Dragon Moray Eel Amazing video and care Enchelycore pardalis Fincasters Episode 121

A rare pair of dragon moray eels stars in this Fincast. The eels, which were collected together seem to have an unusual bond as displayed in the video which John captured at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, where they were valued at $6,000 (pair) Enchelycore pardalis looks mean, but an expert, who kept one to the age of 27 years describes their habits and requirements as undemanding and not as voracious as you might think.