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Freshwater Pipefish Expert advice! Fincasters Episode 169

Freshwater pipefish are rare in the hobby, compared to the more common marine varieties. These cousins to seahorses are interesting to watch and pairs bond for life.

Feeding Mosquito Larvae to Fish Fincasters Episode 167

Aquarium fish love live foods — but it can be a pain to obtain. Of course with a little luck and just a bit of risk you can have some in your back yard. John discovered this by mistake, but people are chiming in from all over about how they grow mosquito larvae on purpose.

Freshwater Frogfish Fincasters Episode 165

Freshwater Frogfish really exist. Not a lot is known about these fish – Antennarius biocellatus .Even google searches usually turn up more information on their marine cousins. Yet Fincasters discovered one on display at the Global Pet Expo in March of 2017.

Snorkeling with Tetras Fincasters Episode 157

Snorkeling in the Amazon River basin can be both dangerous and rewarding. In this Fincast, come along as Mike Tuccinardi takes us underwater to the natural world that includes popular aquarium fish.

Snorkeling with Tetras part 2 Fincasters Episode 158

Is your aquarium too clean? It turns out your fish could be happier. The question is whether that would make YOU happier too. Go underwater in South America to see what these fish look like in the wild.