MACNA 2015

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Fincasters Episode 105 Melev’s Reef

Marc Levenson is one of the most followed reef aquarium hobbyists in America. In this Fincast, John asks Marc about his experiment in using a long plastic tube to introduce a harm of clownfish to a sebea anemone.

Fincasters Episode 104 New Fish from Proaquatix

Proaquatix is becoming more and more of a player when it comes to aquacultured fish for the aquarium hobby.

Fincasters Episode 103 Jellyfish Art Redefines Desktop Jellies

Desktop jellyfish aquariums have begun to emerge in a big way. Now Jellyfish Art is out with a new design that makes keeping jellies easier than ever.

Fincasters Episode 101 ORA Black Ice Clownfish

ORA Oceans Reefs and Aquariums has developed a beautiful clownfish they have dubbed the Black Ice.

Fincasters Episode 100 Current Offers New EFlux Powerheads

Current lighting is set to release (As of October 2015) its brand new EFlux powerheads which integrate with the company’s popular Orbit LED lighting.