These videos are related to marine and reef aquariums.

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Holy Scoly All about keeping Scolymia Episode 187

Scolymia corals are considered by many to be the holy grail of corals. They are beautiful, relatively easy to keep, non-egressive and fun to feed.

Real Reef Rock Part 3 of the Fincasters 180 build series Fincasters Episode 178

In part 3 of the Fincasters 180 build we look at the use of Real Reef Rock and talk with Gareth Scott who started the company. Real Reef Rock is made from crushed aragonite, shells, and other materials found naturally on the reef. Gareth explains the process as John shows how he completed the aquascape in the 180 using Real Reef. The rock creates an open and inviting base for coral placement, improved water flow and lots of privacy to create security for your fish.

Velvet and Ich Fincasters Episode 179

Marine Velvet and ich are the most common and most deadly for aquarium fish. Velvet appears to the more dangerous of the two…

Aquarium Fish from Kenya

The Reefs off the coast of Kenya produce some of the most beautiful fish you can keep in your marine aquarium. In this Fincast, presented in association with Coral Magazine, John Interviews Mike Tuccinardi of Coral and shows the amazing underwater video of divers using sometimes primitive equipment to capture rare fish for export. Mike …Read more »

$5,800 Angelfish from POMA Labs Fincasters Episode 174

Newly announced POMA LABS — launched at MACNA 2017, is offering direct to you many species of tank raised (aquacultured) angelfish — including the rare and expensive Conspicuous Angel Chaetodontoplus conspicillatus.