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AccuraSea 1 – New Salt from Two Little Fishies | Fincasters Episode 191

Marine Aquarium expert Julian Sprung and his company, Two Little Fishies is out with a new aquarium salt dubbed, AccuraSea 1. The new salt comes in convenient and beautiful packaging, and according to Sprung, perfectly emulates real sea water.

STAX from Two Little Fishies | Episode 192

Julian Sprung and his company, Two Little Fishies is out with a product called STAX. It’s limestone rock from Florida, that’s been cut to make stacking easy.

Real Reef Rock Part 3 of the Fincasters 180 build series Fincasters Episode 178

In part 3 of the Fincasters 180 build we look at the use of Real Reef Rock and talk with Gareth Scott who started the company. Real Reef Rock is made from crushed aragonite, shells, and other materials found naturally on the reef. Gareth explains the process as John shows how he completed the aquascape in the 180 using Real Reef. The rock creates an open and inviting base for coral placement, improved water flow and lots of privacy to create security for your fish.

Product Review: Seachem Tidal 75 Power Filter

Sachem is out with a new power filter or hang on back filter, that redefines the category. Made by Sicce, This new filter offers some convenient ways to use the better filter media on the market while also making it convenient to clean the filter and swap out carbon and other media that has become exhausted.

Chemi-pure Green Fincasters Episode 155

Chemi-pure Green is the newest offering from the folks at Boyd Enterprises.