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Planted tank gone NUTS! | Episode 193

Ever had an aquarium plant go absolutely nuts? As in taking over the whole tank in just a couple of months? In this Fincast John shows you how a plant commonly known as Stargrass took over the top of his 55 gallon planted tank to the point it smothered everything underneath it!

Got Crud? Keep it! Decomposition in a Tannin Tank Episode 171

Five months after setting up a tannin aquarium ,the first round of leaves has decayed, leaving a nice layer of crud…

Checkerboard cichlids

The checkerboard is smaller and more peaceful than most tetras, yet this endearing fish will have you captivated in no time.

Snorkeling with Tetras Fincasters Episode 157

Snorkeling in the Amazon River basin can be both dangerous and rewarding. In this Fincast, come along as Mike Tuccinardi takes us underwater to the natural world that includes popular aquarium fish.

Snorkeling with Tetras part 2 Fincasters Episode 158

Is your aquarium too clean? It turns out your fish could be happier. The question is whether that would make YOU happier too. Go underwater in South America to see what these fish look like in the wild.