Shrimp and Corals

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Walking Dendro – Fincasters Episode 110

The Walking Dendro is one of the most amazing life forms you can add to your reef tank. The coral, officially known as Heteropsammia cochlea, is unlike anything else on the reef. Introduced the hobby in 2009, the walking dendro is unique.

Fincasters Episode 106 Introducing a Sebae Anemone

Sebae anemones, also known as leather anemones, are considered one of the “easier” anemones to keep in a reef aquarium. But don’t let the word “easy” fool you.

Fincasters Episode 21: $2,000 Coral and more at MACNA 2013

Fincasters visited MACNA 2013 — The Marine Aquarium Conference of North America — to see all the latest innovations and some beautiful corals.

Fincasters Episode 41 Desktop Jellyfish Have Arrived

Desktop Jellyfish were unveiled in a big way at MACNA 2014 in Denver.

Fincasters Episode 48: Announcing is a new place to buy corals on line — with one important difference. 100-percent of the proceeds go to benefit a non-profit museum that educates people about coral reefs.