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The Tannin Tank 10 months later Episode 181

This aquarium project has been very popular with Fincasters fans. After 10 months how much have the so-called Botanicals broken down. The goal was to create an Amazon biotope with a bottom structure that mimicked the river. Take a look now.

The Tannin Project Disintigrates Fincasters Episode 166

It seems odd to pay good money for aquarium decorations you expect to rot and fade away… but that’s what we do with the biologicals we use to create an amazon biotope.

Fincasters Live Stream Tannin Aquarium searching for pygmy driftwood catfish

In this video John was searching among the ‘biologicals” he ordered from tannin aquatics for the pygmy driftwood catfish. These fish hide — but when you see them they are a treat!

Releasing Pencilfish into the Tannin Tank!

This is the recording of the live video John recorded when he released the $20 pencilfish into his tannin tank.  Watch as these beautiful fish find the biotope of their dreams. The Tannin Aquarium — essentially an Amazon biotope tank, needed some dither fish. I had never kept pencilfish before, so I wanted to give …Read more »

The $20 Pencilfish in the Tannin Aquarium Fincasters Episode 168

This is a small fish that’s actually worth 20 bucks. In this video John adds two species of pencilfish including the dwarf pencilfish Nannostomus marginatus and the ruby red pencilfish Nannostomus mortenthaleri.