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Aquarium Fish from Kenya

The Reefs off the coast of Kenya produce some of the most beautiful fish you can keep in your marine aquarium. In this Fincast, presented in association with Coral Magazine, John Interviews Mike Tuccinardi of Coral and shows the amazing underwater video of divers using sometimes primitive equipment to capture rare fish for export. Mike …Read more »

Feeding Mosquito Larvae to Fish Fincasters Episode 167

Aquarium fish love live foods — but it can be a pain to obtain. Of course with a little luck and just a bit of risk you can have some in your back yard. John discovered this by mistake, but people are chiming in from all over about how they grow mosquito larvae on purpose.

Finding Dory (in a New Place) Fincasters Episode 132

As the celebrated new movie Finding Dory arrives in theaters and he beloved blue tang searches for answers — researchers are very close to raising Hippo Tangs (Dories) in captivity for the first time.

Yellow Tangs -The Breeding Breakthrough Fincasters Episode 122

Captive raised yellow tangs have finally happened.

Fincasters Episode 7 The Lionfish Menace

Lionfish have invaded the reefs off the east coast of the United States, and their numbers are growing.